COVID-19 Test Result Anxiety

Source: Quartz Africa

Humans are naturally impatient, but impatience is not just the issue when waiting for a test result. Whether it’s waiting for results from STI screening, Pap smear, or any other form of medical test, the agony of what the result might turn out to be can be anxiety-inducing.

Waiting for a COVID-19 test is as hard as any other, if not harder, no matter the number of times the test has been taken by an individual, each experience of waiting for the test results brings the same anxiety. This is more so that we are aware that one could have contracted the virus and be asymptomatic. There is a general anxiety that has pervaded the world since the outset of this pandemic which can further aid confusing common symptoms, such as muscle pain, cough, and fever, with symptoms presented by those who were infected, resulting in increased levels of anxiety and stress, especially if one has had contact with someone who tested positive recently.

So if you are waiting for your COVID-19 test results and you are anxious, you are in good company. It gives the opportunity to reflect over ones activities in recent times, with probably a resolution to be more careful and to observe the preventive measures.

Public Health Expert, Business Enthusiast and Diplomat

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Awolaran Olusegun

Awolaran Olusegun

Public Health Expert, Business Enthusiast and Diplomat

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